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90 Images Your Can Use Now
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Dear Author,

To help you hit the ground running with your social media activities, we have created 90 memes that you can start posting right away to your FaceBook page.

These memes, with pictures and text, have been broken down into three fiction genres:

There are thirty images in each genre, and each meme provides a picture of a book author in the genre, the name of the author, and a quote from one of their books.

This is just one method of targeting the right audience when you post images to social media.

And we have done all of the hard work for you.

Below, you will see samples of the images included in this package...

Product Samples




Done-For-You Fiction Memes

As you can see from the memes sampled above, the quotes are selected to appeal to the people who read books in the selected genres.

Posting these memes to your FaceBook timeline will enable readers to self-identify with your FaceBook profile, as that of an author who writes the kinds of books that they may want to read.

The "Done-For-You Fiction Memes" package is delivered in a zip file.

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We will send you an email every 30 days telling you how to download the next set of 90 "Done-For-You Fiction Memes".

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